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Shaver Manufacturing is committed to safety. Reduce setup time with Shaver's Quick-Tach system. Shaver Post Driver Demo Video. The unit's powerful four-inch auger opens a pilot hole before driving the post.

USED Shaver HD10 Post Driver

It will save considerable time and money over operating other machines and methods of placing posts. The unit is available for all Shaver drivers. Standard stabilizer package provides greater stability during operation.

Shipping Weight with Hydraulic Base Plate lbs. Testimonial The standard post driver has been very reliable for Jason Dickenson and his company. Residential Delivery, Farm Delivery and Liftgate assistance are shipping options you must select when adding to cart or during checkout. Shaver Post Drivers are top of the line professionally engineered drivers built for the most demanding jobs. Hoses are included with all post drivers.

This item qualifies for Free Shipping! Allows the user to adjust the driver between strikes, allowing the user to drive the post straight as it hits rocks and tough soil. Love the machine but the assembly was horrible. Just attach the driver and go.

Model HD Post Driver

Our professional-grade post drivers are engineered for the most demanding jobs, fx docucentre 236 driver from tough soil conditions to tricky side hills. There's not much this driver can't drive into the ground. They're built to heavier standards than the job requires. It's been very valuable to the company.

Shaver Drivers are fast, powerful, rugged and reliable.

With only six moving parts these post drivers are commonly known as one of the world's finest post drivers. Please call a Sales Representative to get rates and availability to your area. With Manual Base Plate lbs. Effective Weight of Spring-Powered Hammer lbs. Competition Watch how Shaver's post driver does against our competition.

This drive is made to get the job done and get it done fast. They are fast, powerful, rugged, reliable and built to last. Just think of the time and money you can save. By utilizing a smaller tractor the user will incur less fuel cost than on a larger machine. We've been able to get a lot of posts in with it.

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Farmers and fencing contractors who build fences for a living will tell you that you can't find a better post driver than a Shaver. Frequently Asked Questions. Offset controls let the operator stand safely to the side of the driver.

We manufacture a complete line of post drivers, post hole diggers, stump grinders and the Predator extractor. By minimizing moving parts, fail points are reduced resulting in considerable savings in operating cost over other machines.

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Shaver standard post drivers make driving posts simple. Allows the user to adjust the driver to terrain to maintain a straight fence line. Allows the user to select the most appropriate tractor size for the job. Safety arm securely positions posts in the driving ram.

Model HD Post Driver

Sample Heading H2

Shaver has spent more than a half a century perfecting their equipment and building it to last. The Shaver post driver machines perform year after year to tackle all your fencing needs.

Effective Weight of Spring Powered Hammer lbs. Rubber guard shields the operator from impact and any flying debris. No digging, no pointing, no tamping and no setting.

Standard Post Drivers

Equipment Financing Provided By Join our mailing list! You can be sure that your post driver will pay for your investment in it long before it's done working for you. Plus they have the ability to drive a wide variety of post types. On tractor-mounted models, choose your model based on the pounding power you need and the types of posts you plan to install. More importantly, we give you a choice of drivers to fit your operation.

Effortlessly and efficient these drivers will pay for them self in no time. Whicever you shoose, it takes just a few minutes to mount or detach. Shaver Post Drives Shaver Post Drivers are top of the line professionally engineered drivers built for the most demanding jobs.

No Freight Delivery Available. With the ability to drive a wide variety of post types in the toughest conditions nothing beats the power and high performance of a Shaver post driver. Spring loaded retractable post holder is included with all models. All models take just a few minutes to mount or detach.

The optional Shaver Pilot Auger Attachment makes post driving in the toughest soil conditions even easier. Shaver is not only one of the biggest names in the business but they invented and patented the world's first powered post driver! So it's easy to assume they know what they are doing. The hydraulic requirements give the user an opportunity to mount the driver on a very broad age range and size of tractors. Allows the user to apply pressure to a post that needs to be straightened as it is driven.