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Hope I can write all my learning here to help other Domino developers to start quickly with Java. It has nothing to do with your operating system. Email Required, but never shown. So if you can get your hands on a toolkit you should be ready to roll.

It is really a detail one. However, I carefully checked this before I install it. However, this can be on the server.

Actually in the code I've hard coded the query. Only found one funny thing, While connecting to the database it's mentioned to use connection. Any further idea you think I shall check?

It doesn't need to be on each client. Can you post me ora file to verify? The Java toolkit is the least mature of the three and can be used for basic application needs. Next, you need to start importing required classes for connectivity. Now we try to connect to server from our application through OdbcConnection.


This is the best, solved all my issues. When I execute this from command prompt nothing happens. Yes, this method transfer data in run time. Since there is no generic way to look at Notes data as simple tables you need to configure this export to match the application requirements. Dear As useual you are spreading your learing which is great and makes you different from others.

My first task was to start looking correct versions of software which I need along with suitable drivers to connect them. Let's have a look what I've done. It's always a challenging job to build a system which communicates with Oracle.

Roman, Good to hear if my post helping you out. Now your connection is established.

Therefore I would like to write down the steps I made for this installation. What is the role of moderators?

On a recent project for a client, I was asked to create a database-driven site where one of the databases involved was a Lotus Notes database. You need to have the Oracle client loaded where the LotusScript code runs. Like other business applications, mexxcom driver Lotus system conducts a database system behind to manage all data objects for sharing odvc between internal applications. Data folder below has Notes. Another option is to use the wrapper api Domingo which takes some of the edges off notes.

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Your data is organized as databases of documents containing items. And your post is quite lite and simple! There are also various built in search facilities. As matt b suggested, you could try using the Notes Java api supplied by notes You should be able to get this from a notes client install.

Server should be something else. All the steps below are to be performed on the machine where the Database server is running.

IBM Notes SQL ODBC drivers and Lotus Notes

First, My wife suggested me to setup Java environment in my workstation. About Me Rishi Singapore View my complete profile. You can also invoke Oracle stored procedures this way and pass parameters so that the main code executes on the Oracle server. So, wherever your code deploys it will work from there. Funny thing was that, I studied Java in my graduation and never ever used in working environment except some simple domino java agents.

Accessing ODBC Databases from Lotus Notes/Domino

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For example, in my case, paths of. What I need is an equivalent. Here is the code which establish connection with Oracle.

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Just need to install where code will run. The agent which you are creating to fetch or push the data, is this a agent created in the domino db? Hi Rishi, I have few queries here.

Lotus Notes JDBC connectivity with Oracle in Domino-Part ILOTUS NOTES ODBC DRIVER DOWNLOAD

And the other question is does the oracle needs to be installed on every machine or not. Salgiza's answer to this question has more detail on this. At the end I believe you've to create an opportunity for you in your own environment to learn maximum. To directly interact with the data with java you need to use the Notes java api using Notes. This gives you a notes style access to the data.

From past few years I was working only on web applications. Which doesn't need to install instead just link with your agent. Internally this would use the native notes api java or lotusscript and you'd probably want to get the developer of the database o do that for you.