Jenkins Sonar Mysql Driver

Also, which Maven goals does Sonar execute via this PlugIn interface? Could you please switch to sonar developers mailing list in order to investigate your issue? Connection refused just to find out, connecting with telnet to mysql, that mysql is refusing connection. Connection refused Therefore, make sure you can connect from jenkins to both sonar and mysql.

Driver in the Driver section? Driver Connection pool settings sonar. The driver has not received any packets from the server.

And it would be nice, if you can provide test project and your job configuration. Created by Unknown User simon.

Installing the Web Server

SonarPublisher Have any idea? From where does the plugin grab rulesets for pmd, checkstyle and findbugs?

Now I am just trying to do the same thing using the groovy script so it will already be setup on jenkins instance startup. The sonar plugin for jenkins is the simplest way to enable Sonar. Configuring Sonar plugin for Jenkins Ask Question. Recently we introduced Sonar, tenda w311m mini 11n wireless usb adapter drivers and your great plugin.

Have you identified this same issue? Failed to resolve class com. The forum recommendations are correct, I suspect that your Maven instance is not loading the correct settings file. SonarQube Community Product News.

Is there any way to add a link to the sonar project page from the hudson project page? Templates are available for every supported database. Setup and Upgrade Overview. Unknown User robdale gmail.

Installing the Database

Jdbc - Sonar MySQL setup - Stack Overflow

Beyond maintaining acceptable performance, doing so will also ease the upgrade of SonarQube. If you don't configure the Maven Sonar plugin, it will attempt to connect to the default location for the embedded database that ships with Sonar. In both cases, the use of a -Dsonar.

Please include in the next version a flag to hide or mask these values. Go to Hudson configuration page and configure Sonar installations.

Are you sure you have correctly set all properties as described here? So my tests are all failed.

Doing the invocation myself through the command line and moving -f sonar-pom. Create an empty schema and a sonarqube user. View SonarQube Scanner on the plugin site for more information. Please build project or edit pom.

Sonar Failing to find pom.xmlInstalling the Database

This option requires changing files within your project. If you want to remotely access the database server, you need to follow this quick guide. Once your server is installed and running, you may also want to Install Plugins.

Sonar with mysql GitHub

Architecture and Integration. Hi Elena, This issue doesn't relates to Hudson Sonar Plugin, it relates to Sonar, so could you please write about your problem to Sonar user mailing list? It would be better if you can provide screenshots.

Embed What would you like to do? For removing duplicate of above. On Hudson problem is solved by Xvnc plugin.

MySQL Connectors

It is recommended for tests only. Then perhaps this settings file is not being picked up. Evaluate Confluence today. Share Copy sharable link for this gist. Install the Server Installing the Database Several database engines are supported.

Sonar Failing to find pom.xml

Go to Hudson global configuration page and configure Sonar installations. Does any one have any clue regarding this one?

Embed Embed this gist in your website. Then download and unzip the distribution do not unzip into a directory starting with a digit. Probably it would be better - post to Sonar mailing list. In that case, use the same property during project analysis -Dsonar.

The project site build is already built. Items like passwords should never be committed into revision control.