Install Ath9k Driver

Warning about kernel updates

Your wireless connection should work now. Configure the kernel Before configuring the kernel, lets import the configuration of the currently running kernel.


Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Fi button during the boot process and then switch it on again, once the system is up and running. Just take care don't show off your password. Just follow the instructions in the blog.

Your madwifi will come back to life. Replace these numbers with the version of your kernel source. Note this will work until next kernel update. In practice that means you can press your laptop's Wi. Depending on the state of your Wi.

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It seems that the system expects the hard block to be set to off. WiFi is working when router is in nearby location, there is nothing updates by Acer for Linux. Then I have intermittent connection via wireless router. Author Write something about yourself. Command are similar to ones above.

Copy and paste is probably best. Partners Support Community Ubuntu. The other post got a bit long, so we continue here where we left of. To override this behavior, you can just run rfkill unblock wifi and it should work again. Any idea what I could do next?

Warning about kernel updates

Luckily I had a project in my last education where Bluetooth on a Raspberry was needed. The actual problem is, that the Soft blocked value is always set to yes, because for some reason the syncing between the hardware block and the software block doesn't work as supposed.

Material I publish here are often part of my small projects. If you run into trouble, looking at the details of that thread may be helpful. Or at least a whole bunch of stuff happened in the terminal. Using Webmin to do simple tasks makes it easier to control a simple system when assessing from far away location.

Also, make sure that you are typing the name of the. Just to note, you are advised not to use pastebin. The former is a Gtk based and the latter is text based. Same is valid for the linux headers in the next command.

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Fi button as often as you want, it doesn't change anything. Just bought this thinkpad s. There also may be problems using tor with public wi-fi, although I'm not sure about that.

The access point is ok, because I have a Win and a Android Handy connected to it. Now we reboot the system and hope that everything works as it should. What is the role of moderators? Maybe I could get all the way through the process without backtracking and redoing steps. It isn't connecting to an unprotected network.

There is no interface available. Your wireless should be working now. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Since you will be running a lot of commands as root, it would be more convenient to open a bash shell as root instead of preceding all commands with sudo.

So if you copy and paste the command exactly like it is in the tutorial it would fail. Instead I ended up thinking that it might be a power supply problem. This fixed WiFi problems for me.

Additional step for kernel and later

It was in one of the steps above. That gives you the opportunity to put there something meaningful to distingush the kernel from the other ones. Fi button and run rfkill list all again to make sure the value for Hard blocked changes.

Now it says connecting falied. Most everything worked on first install, including things which.

Mark Mark, If you have already compiled the kernel with the make-kpkg can now install it with the dpkg -i command. In this thread you will find the instructions for installing the madwifi drivers for Atheros wireless cards. First I need to install all the Bluetooth management tools. Then I downloaded a driver and it solved my WiFi problems. That means most likely you already have the driver and there is no need to download it, mp navigator mp830 scanner driver all you have to do is enable it.

Check out previously asked question here Need a few reboots to connect to wireless. Hello, ive been following this excellent guide but im encoutering problems when installing the custom kernel mykernel. And this is completely normal and expected.

If NetworkManager is running, why not just use that? So while fiddling around, I may have installed the right driver but not known it. It basically adds that string to the end of the kernel name and could be set to anything.

Built-in drivers/modules tested only on Intrepid

The problem seems to be a bug in a kernel module, which prevents the rfkill's soft and hard block from syncing correctly. Sections of this thread are quoted below. The website is kept online for historic purposes only. Kali is almost Debian under the hood.