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Our products have passed the most stringent international rugged testing standards for rough handling and outdoor mobility. Bumper-to-Bumper is your hassle-free guarantee. This number will degrade over time as the battery life of the unit decreases. Check Skylight to see if it now on.

Getac works tirelessly to find solutions for every day, hp ati es1000 video controller driver real-life technological problems plaguing those who must deal with harsh work conditions all over the world. Please continue to refer to Getac website to identify fixes as they are posted for your systems.

Is there a way to prolong the life of our batteries? Is there a way to correct this? It depends on how you use the units. Skylight still says Mobile Broadband device not detected even though quickbar shows its turned on? Handhelds Rugged Handhelds.

First question is, are you using external antenna? This percentage is Windows reading the capacity of the battery.

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View all Semi Rugged Laptops. This website uses cookies This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Rugged technology needs to be reliable in the kinds of rigid environments that usually cause damage or impair usability for consumer grade devices.

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Make sure you're not on a Dock just for the initial testing. No it is not required as Windows can manage the connection just fine. View all Rugged Handhelds. View all Fully Rugged Laptops. Discover a new level of productivity made possible through a seamlessly integrated visual experience, giving you an edge in critical environments in the field.

Laptops Fully Rugged Laptops. View all Semi Rugged Tablets. Is my second battery going bad? If there is then close down those programs first then try clicking start again.

Please follow these steps to check if there is an actual difference between the two batteries. Night vision without goggles. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Thin and light tablets and notebooks that are built to last. Our new Bumper-to-Bumper fully rugged warranties go beyond the expected to protect your productivity.

If you have the units on a dock all day long with minimally taking it out of your vehicle then the following settings can help extend the life of your battery. Details, please refer to Intel and Microsoft site.

How can I find out if the battery is bad or if it's the unit? It shows that only one of my two batteries is charging, is this normal?

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Acquired the stake of Waffer Technology Corp. You can click start for Gauge reset to help calibrate the battery for a better use of its remaining capacity.

Getac secures their hold in the smaller form factor space with the launch of the Z Android-based tablet. Open Control panel and see if the Sierra Mobile Broadband driver is installed.

It starts to connect then instantly disconnects? The new S Semi Rugged Notebook. All battery packs fit into their compartments without the need of additional covers and are firmly secured by a double-locking mechanism. Now you can manage the connection through Windows.

We will have a better timeline once we receive the update from Intel. Versatility Solutions Made Rugged K is a new class of tablet, engineered with versatility in mind.

If it's not please install the latest driver from our driver page. We are actively testing these new drivers for officially releasing on our website, but you can download the official releases from Intel directly.

Right Click the adapter and click enable. Adjusting brightness up or down doesn't help at all only while on battery only. Our software needs the scanner to be able to be in keyboard mode to type into notepad, how can we change it to this mode? If you are using an external antenna please check to make sure it is in the correct spot on the dock. When we scan a barcode the data doesn't populate into our software.

You can do a clean boot on the unit. Is there a setting we are missing? If you are in the field not on charger and only using the battery then you will want to keep battery settings in G-Manager as default.

First you need to download Mobile Device center and then the device will connect. See if this corrects the issue. How can we get the scanner to scan this type? If the clean boot does not correct the issue then it will need to go in for repair. We will release a firmware update tool for our models within three weeks of receiving the new firmware from Intel.