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Procedures and screens might vary depending on the operating system you are using. The J is shipped with the Duplex Unit installed. Make sure that the printer is switched off and that the power cord is disconnected from the power source. Guide To Components Guide to Components Guide to Components The names and functions of parts of the printer body, control panel, and options are explained.

Check the selection of the type of paper in the printer driver transparency, ink jet, plain paper, etc. The ink pump motor drives a single worm gear.

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To prevent spilling ink from the maintenance unit, keep the printer level. This occurs when the last line is printed. Top cover Normally, keep this cover closed.

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The one-way clutch disengages the main shaft and engages the second shaft. The wider print head increases the width of the band printed with one pass. Always use organic solvents in small amounts to avoid breathing the fumes and becoming nauseous. Duplex Unit Not Detected The duplex unit is not attached correctly. The innovation makes use of fast-drying gels instead of the pigmented or water-based inks utilized in many inkjet printers.

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Turn the power off once, and then turn it back on. Appendix Updating the Firmware This section explains how to update the printer and network interface board firmware by downloading the latest firmware from the website and installing it. Holds paper that has exited the printer after a print job. Paper Storage Precautions This section gives cautions on storing paper.

Never touch the metal contact plate on the rear side. Safety Information Always obey these safety precautions when using this product. Initial Fill Counter Reset Turn the printer off. Mount the cover on the paper tray. The width side fences and bottom fence should not be too tight against the sides and bottom of the stack.

Paper jams can occur if the unit is not properly connected. Push both arms to the right to release them at the same time.

Printer Driver For Aficio Ricoh GX3000

Printer Display Summary Cyan ink near end. Paper Jam Top cover Paper Misfeed. Since this consumes more ink than a normal head cleaning does, perform this when the problem persists after performing a normal head cleaning. This procedure is necessary in order to use the e-mail notification function. Another cam on the main shaft presses the maintenance unit up so the C print head covers the first vent.

Indicator orange Lights whenever the printer is sending or receiving data via the network. Canceling a print job in queue Cancel the print job from the taskbar of the computer. Read this manual carefully before you use this machine and keep it handy for future reference. Page Check the paper and if it is coated, make sure Feed roller slippage. Follow the driver installation procedure that is appropriate to the connection method.

Then slide the bottom fence out. The search for the network printer starts.

Confirm that paper is loaded in the paper tray. Control board malfunction. Page including restrictions.

On the other hand, it provides in spades on the fundamentals. Panel Unlocked The initial screen appears. Download the file and decompress it. These procedures consume ink. Configuration Make system settings for the machine, interface settings, and security.

The wiper cleans the surface of the print head as the carriage moves left and then right. Troubleshooting Reattach the multi bypass tray. Preparing for Printing Load paper with the print side face down but not over the limit mark. If you insert them incorrectly, Status Monitor might not be able to detect the amount of ink that is remaining in the cartridges. Switch to manual feed with the bypass tray for the paper from the bypass tray for one-sided one-sided printing.

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Carriage encoder sensor is damaged. Colors Do Not Match the Displayed Image If there are differences between colors of the print results and the displayed image, the following questions should be addressed. Dust, lint, or corrosive fumes. Make sure that the tab is flat. Then check the results of the test pattern.

Overview Of Main New Features Printer driver settings allow the printer to ignore paper width detection to improve the compatibility of the printer with used punched paper. For my tests, sharp ar-m256 printer treiber windows xp I linked the printer by Ethernet and set up the driver on a Windows Vista system. The paper size can also be selected with the software application or the printer driver.

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Close the right front cover. Straighten any curls before loading. The port connection is not properly set. Lubricate shaft of tension roller.